Sulphonation Technologies

Technithon specializes in continuous modular and skid based process plants using sulfuric acid, oleums, Air-SO3, Liquid SO2 + SO3 as sulfonating agents.

Technithon offer technologies and plants for Anionic surfactants (both water and oil soluble). Techniton has the expertise to Sulfonate or Sulfate: Methyl Esters, Olefins, Alkyl Benzene, Alcohols / Ethoxylates, Fatty Acids, and Petroleum Alkylates & custom designed plants for asphalt and alkyl aryl alkylates.

Technithon pioneered the continuous film sulfonation technologies in India and the SAARC region and expanded reach to Germany, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

Technithon partnered Chemithon International till 2010 in India and 2014 in Singapore and worked on several projects together.

The technologies offered include


BASF India Ltd.


Godrej Industries Ltd.

Asphalt Sulfonates

Farabi Petrochemicals

Asphalt Sulfonation


Liquid SO3

Global Chemical Co. LLC

Liquid SO3

Projects Executed

Customer Type of Plant Number of Plants Total Capacity
(Tons Per Hour)
Application Type Location Country
Aarti Industries Ltd. Sulfonation- Air+SO3 6 8.5 AS/AES/ AOS incl dry products Kherdi, Silvassa, Pritampur, Madhya Pradesh India
BASF India Ltd. Sulfonation- Air+SO3 2 6  AES AS dry Dahej, Gujarat India
RSPL Ltd Sulfonation- Air+SO3 5 11 AOS/SLES.SLS Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, Prtampur and Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, Parna, Bihar India
Godrej Industries Ltd Sulfonation- Air+SO3 3 9 SLES/AOS Valia, Gujarat, Amernath Maharashtra India
Ultra Marine and and Pigments Ltd Sulfonation- Air+SO3 2 6 SLES/AOS/SLS  Ranipet, tamil Nadu India
Nirma Ltd. Sulfonation- Air+SO3 1 3 AOS/LABSA Mandali, Gujarat India
Solvay Specialities (India)Ltd Sulfonation- Air+SO3 2 2 AOS/SLES/SLS incl dry products Roha, Maharashtra India
Pentafour Products Ltd Sulfonation- Air+SO3 2 2 AOS, SLES /SLS incl dry products Cuddlore , Tamil Nadu India
Kripa Industries Ltd Sulfonation- Air+SO3 2 2 SLES/AOS/SLS Pritampur, Madhay Pradesh India
Power Soaps Ltd Sulfonation- Air+SO3 1 2 LABSA Pondichery India
Sai Fertilzers and Chemicals Sulfonation- Air+SO3 1 5 AOS/SLES/SLS incl dry products Ambernath, Maharashtra India
PT Wilmar Nabati , Sulfonation- Air+SO3 1 5 MES Gresik, Surabaya Indonesia
Grandee Biotechnologies Sdn Bhd Sulfonation- Air+SO3 1 3 SLES Kauntan Malaysia
Sinar Mas Cepsa Sulfonation- Air+SO3 1 12 SLES, SLS,LABSA Iberburen Germany
Savita Chemical Slufonation - Oleum 1 2 Petroleum sulfonates Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Hico Products Ltd Sulfonation - Oleum 1 0.5 LABSA Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra India
National Engineering Industries Ltd Sulfonation - Oleum 1 0.2 LABSA Port harcourt Nigeria
Farabi Pertochemicals Sulfonation- Batch - Asphalt 1 20TPY Asphalt sulfonates Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Global Chemical Co. LLC Liquid SO3 1 15 TPD Liquid SO3 Abu Dhabi UAE

Our Clients

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
Aarti Industries
Fogla Group
Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd.
Sinarmas Cepsa