Oils and Oleochemicals

Technithon has experience for constructing batch Edible oil plants from Palm Oil, Sunflower Seed, Groundnut and Cottonseed for capacity up to 500 TPD.

Technithon offers plants for fractionation of esters and continuous hydrogenation processes using fixed bed reactors and solid catalysts.

Technithon also offers high purity Hydrogen generators up to 500kg/hr. from Methanol water system.

IV reduction

Carotino Sdn Bhd

IV reduction
Fatty Acids and Oils

AAK, Uzbekistan

Palm fatty acid

Projects Executed

Customer Type of Plant Number of Plants Total Capacity
(Tons Per Hour)
Application Type Location Country
Carotino Sdn Bhd Fixed bed hydrogenation 1 200TPD IV reduction Pasir Gudang Malaysia  
Invagro Lda Edible oil Refinery 1 200TPD Palm oil Beira Mozambique  
AAK Fatty acid fractionation 1 50TPD Palm fatty acid Tashkent Uzbekistan  
Somifreres Edible oil Refinery 1 200TPD Palm oil Antananarivo Madagascar  
Bhagubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic- Oleochemicals Fractionation plant 1 20 kg/hr Fatty acids and oils Mumbai, Maharashtra India  

Our Clients

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Nikko Chemicals Singapore
Savita Bonds Build Business
Reliance Industries Limited
Indokemika Group
Global Chemical Company LLc
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