“Green” Surfactants & Chemicals

Technithon offers batch and semi continuous alkoxylation plants for EO and PO derivatives including pilot plants for capacities from 5 to 50kg/ batch.

Technithon has also a new patented tubular alkoxylation reactor for continuous processes with high through put capacity and mole ratio control.

“GREEN” surfactants and chemicals are derived from renewable raw materials and support the UN Sustainable Goals for addressing Global warming.

The categories and products for which Technithon has commercially established technologies are:

Alkoxylation /EO and PO

Croda Pilot Plant

Alkoxylation /EO and PO
UOI Pilot Plant

UOI Pilot Plant

Betaines and Green Surfcatants

Ecof Industries


Projects Executed

Customer Type of Plant Number of Plants Total Capacity
(Tons Per Hour)
Application Type Location Country
Allied Chemicals PLC Betaines, BKC, CDEA 1 5500 TPA CAPB, CDEA, BKC Adama, Ormia Ethiopia
Ecof Industries Multi purpose 1 5000 TPA APG Malur, Karnataka India
Pt. Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia Speciality Chemicals 1 30000 TPA Betaines Sei Men kai, Sumatara Indonesia
Croda Pte Ltd - Specialities Multi purpose pilot plant 1 20 kg batch Alkoxylation /EO and PO Singapore Singapore
Nikko Chemicals- Specialities Pilot plant 1 5 kg batch Alkoxylation /EO and PO Singapore Singapore
Pt. Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia- Specialities Multipurpose pilot Plant 1 50kg batch Betaines and green surfcatants Sei Men kai, Sumatara Indonesia

Our Clients

Chevron Oronite
Nikko Chemicals Singapore
Savita Bonds Build Business
Reliance Industries Limited
Indokemika Group
Global Chemical Company LLc