Technithon International: Empowering Global Industries Through Innovation

June 20, 2023

Sanjay Trivedi, the Managing Director of Technithon International Pte Ltd, embarked on his path as a grass route entrepreneur after successfully completing his Chemical Engineering degree with Honors from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1975. The idea to venture into manufacturing surfactants and specialities was started in 1973. In 1984, a switch was made to technology development and project management. It was in 1989 that Sanjay started his journey as a technology-based engineering company, leading to the construction of over 150 plants for surfactants, oleochemicals, and specialities in 25 different countries. The journey in Singapore for Technithon started in 2008 at the invite from EDB to add value to the country.

Dealing With Limitations and Challenges

The biggest challenges that Technithon faces revolve around securing the necessary financial resources and skilled workforce for their specialized business. Throughout the years, they have earned a reputation for credibility, evident through the numerous repeat orders they receive from their customers. However, being a foreign-owned company limits its options for accessing resources and collaborating with government agencies. Sanjay, as the founder, possess majority ownership in Technithon, granting him control over its equity.

Adapting To Change And Embracing Sustainability During COVID-19

The era of Covid presented both challenges and opportunities for Technithon. Among the challenges was the need to swiftly address the demand for sanitizers and cleaners by networking with their customers. However, the pandemic also provided them with an opportunity to reassess their approach and embark on a new journey of developing technologies that utilize renewable resources. Their goal was to create affordable and sustainable cleaning products, as well as “Green” surfactants and specialities with a reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint. They successfully demonstrated these advancements for a major project in Southeast Asia, resulting in the successful development of over 15 environmentally friendly products.

Sanjay As A Leader

Technithon’s Managing Director: Sanjay Trivedi


Throughout Sanjay’s journey, he has gained valuable lessons that have been instilled in him: the virtues of patience, perseverance, and a heightened focus on meticulous planning and execution of projects. His leadership style revolves around nurturing and training employees while prioritizing the fulfillment of commitments. Research and development (R&D) continue to serve as the cornerstone of the business, and they have established various R&D partnerships, including collaborations with startups. One such example is Solv 8, a startup affiliated with NUS. They are currently at an advanced stage of pilot plant work for a next-generation technology that utilizes continuous processes to produce surfactants with a reduced carbon footprint and capital expenditure (capex).

The Power Of Persistence

As an entrepreneur, Sanjay maintains his motivation and resilience by remaining steadfast in his focus on the ultimate goals and by confronting future challenges head-on with viable solutions.

Technithon’s Achievements

Technithon: The Power of Reputation


Their journey has been marked by numerous pioneering achievements. These notable milestones include the establishment of plants utilizing Palm derivatives for the production of surfactants and specialities, as well as the development of surfactants derived from sugar, which were among the first of their kind.

Redefining Industry Standards Through Innovation And R&D Excellence

Technithon sets itself apart from others in the industry through its commitment to innovation and extensive research and development (R&D) efforts. They firmly believe in taking the lead and have a portfolio of patents that substantiate their dedication to pushing boundaries and advancing the field.

Measuring The Success Of The Business

Technithon holds the belief that success cannot be defined by a single metric. Instead, they view satisfied customers, the ability to contribute to society, the creation of sustainable businesses, and the presence of dedicated employees as key factors that contribute to their overall success.

Innovating For A Better Tomorrow

Sanjay’s goals and future plans for the business include establishing a dynamic organization with a worldwide presence and generating societal value through the development of cost-effective concentrated cleaners that require minimal water and energy, thereby diminishing the carbon footprint and simplifying the cleaning process. In the coming years, Sanjay envisions his role as that of a mentor.

Advice From Sanjay Trivedi For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Have a clear plan with contingencies developed for at least 10 years for the business. Stay focused and ready with solutions for challenges. They will generate opportunities. Develop skills and train an organization by giving them responsibilities. Never stop learning.”